Neva Architects

Neva Architects is a Finnish architecture office known for its high-quality competence. The office is founded in Tampere and most of the staff is working in the Tampere office. For many years, we have had a base in Helsinki and currently an office with nearly 10 employees. With decades of expertise, we want to create high quality and sustainable design in the levels of architecture and city planning. In the heart of our work philosophy is customer orientation, co-working and using the strengths of each employee.

Our areas of expertise are in demanding and extensive housing projects, project and land use development and in restoration, renovation and conversion projects. We design our projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and offer customers also BIM coordination services. We see the wellbeing of the work community as one of the main cornerstones at the office and want to enhance that in daily routines such as shared lunch breaks and sports activities as well as with yearly excursions.