Privacy Policy

We process the personal data of our customers and partners in accordance with the general EU data protection regulation (679/2016) and data protection legislation.

A customer or a partner refers later to e.g. participants in a plan design process, such as a complaint, remark, reminder maker etc. in the process of a project and f.e. neighbors that are informed during the building permit process.

Controller and contact information:

Arkkitehtitoimisto Neva Oy (Business ID 1793624-3)
Kyttälänkatu 1
FIN 33100 Tampere

On what basis and for what purpose is the personal data of the customer or partner processed?

We process and maintain the customer’s or partner’s personal information in order to provide an agreed service that is part of the company’s business.

The data will be processed in the following cases and activities:

We do not process personal data for purposes other than those mentioned above.

What kind of personal data do we process?

In order to provide the service, we keep information belonging to the following group of personal data:

The content of this information is described in more detail below:

Who do we get the information from?

from the person oneself
from another company representative
company’s website
public information services.

How long do we keep data?

We retain information for the time required to provide the agreed service, for the duration of the customer or partnership relationship.

To whom may the personal data of a customer or partner be disclosed?

For other members of the design team and authorities to provide an agreed service to the client / partner or the organization he or she represents. The parties mentioned above are bound by their confidentiality obligations.

What security measures and procedures do we use to protect personal data?

Personal data may only be processed by persons working on the customer’s or partner’s project. Personal data may only be processed by people working on the customer’s or partner’s project.

Does the customer or partner have the right to receive the retained personal information about themselves?

The person has the right to receive confirmation as to whether personal data concerning him or her will be processed at Neva Architects. In the case that we process personal data, the person has the right to receive a copy of the data being processed. We will provide the information no later than one month after we receive your request. The deadline may be extended by a maximum of two months in certain situations. If the deadline is extended, we will notify you within one month of receiving the request.

How can a customer or partner proceed to complete or correct personal information?

If there is a deficiency, inaccuracy or error in the personal data we provide, the person has the right to request that the data be supplemented or corrected. The same applies to outdated information.

Does the customer or partner have the right to have their personal information deleted?

The person has the right to request Arkkitehtitoimisto Neva Oy as the registrar to remove e.g. outdated information about themself. In that case, the data shall be deleted as soon as there are no longer grounds for processing them. This right applies to situations where personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or where the person withdraws his or her consent to the processing and the processing is no longer justified by law. Claim to retain the data by data protection legislation law does not apply in situations where the obligation to retain information is required by law or it is necessary to retain the information in order to prepare, present or defend a legal claim. It is therefore not possible to delete data on the basis of a request during the period in which it is necessary to retain them in the above situations.

However, we will delete personal information without further request once the reason for retention has ended.