Bulevardi 14

Neva Architects has carried out a plan change and a building history study of the architecturally and cultural-historical site, and a cultural-historical study has also been made for the basis of the design.

The building itself was completed in 1896 and was designed by architect Waldemar Aspelin. The plot is in the dense urban structure of Helsinki’s city center and continues the series of valuable properties in Bulevardi street. Professor Aarno Ruusuvuori has later designed the attic floor for the building.

Design objectives

For us the starting point for the building’s design work has been considering the historically valuable components of the building, space series and the details presented in the building history study, the protection regulations and other inventory aspects of the property in the spatial, technical and qualitative solutions.

The history of the building and the environment where it is located has obliged to treat the building in a way that considers different kinds of layers of architecture and design. The gross area of the building is about 7000 m2. There are a total of 30 apartments in this 6-storey building.