Hermione is a proposal to Suuppa in the center of Pirkkala made by Neva Architects, which won the land use competition. The proposal places the building in accordance with the town plan in the direction of Suupantie.

Competition proposal

The mass of the building consists of three parts: a two-story-high pedestal section, intermediate floors, and a two-story-high peak. There are ten floors in total. The first floor of the building is retail space. On the second floor is located the loft of the first-floor restaurant, apartments and co-working facilities. The remaining floors are for residential use.

The sloping parking garage descends from the southeast corner of the plot towards the basement level of the building. The surface dives underground and makes the yard barrier-free and accessible from the ground level. Trees and shrubs have been planted in the ground level of the yard, and the roof of the garage has been designed as a green roof including liver grass, flowers and moss.