The Huutijärvi subdivision is located in Kangasala, Pirkanmaa. The area to be developed will expand the Kangasala agglomeration to the south. Neva Arkkitehdit has been involved in a change of Huutijärvi area plan, where there will be placed area blocks for housing and teaching as well as
blocks for retail and services. A study of the built environment has been made for the basis of the new plan. The change in the Huutijärvi area plan become topical after the end of vocational college teaching in the area.

Residential and commercial block plan

Neva Architects has designed a total of 18,500 m 2 of use in the Huutijärvi area. The planned buildings will create a new, urban look for the area along Sahalahdentie, which will include housing, services and business.

To the existing areas has been placed
public outdoor spaces and trees. In the middle of the block is located a pool to soak up the rainwater, which also creates a pleasant heart for the court yard.