Lempäälä Station block

15 minutes from the center of Tampere is located the Lempäälä station block, which Neva Architects has been designing. On the next block is located Lempäälä railway station and a new Lempäälä house is directly on opposite of the project site. A change in the area plan has made it possible to develop the site into a direction of more city like atmosphere and to create housing.

Student ans senior housing combined

The proximity of the track places demands on vibration and noise in the design, but on the other hand also makes the site excellently achievable. Neva Architects has designed an 8,000 m2 apartment building for the site, which will include student housing and senior housing.

The building consists of two 12- and 7-storey parts. Services located to the ground floor also open the building’s premises for the use of outsiders. The building has an elevator connection to the Telkäntaipale bridge crossing the main railway line.