Residential building in Hikivuorenkatu 20, Tampere

Hikivuorenkatu is a proposal made by Neva Architects in the Kaukajärvi district of Tampere on Hikivuorenkatu, which won a contract competition. The plot is located in a quiet, green and fairly loosely built residential area. The area
is well connected to the center of Tampere and, due to its tranquility, is particularly suitable for families with children. Right next to the design area is e.g. school and kindergarten. Closby is also located Isoniitty park for recreational purposes. A new areal plan has been drawn up for the area in 2007.

From competition proposal to implementation

The competition proposal is a set of 4750 square meters of new buildings consisting of two five-storey residential apartment buildings and a courtyard building, which will be built in place of the demolished buildings. The building masses are clear-lined and calm and create timeless look in their color scheme and surface materials.

The proposed buildings adapt well to the existing light-colored building stock of the area, but at the same time bring
a new kind of visual look with dark vertical facade ideas and balcony sectors. The facades of the site are upholstered mainly with sand-light brick slabs interspersed with dark gray vertical strips of brick slabs. The balcony towers are framed by light-painted concrete pillars and the railings of the glazed balconies are dark gray tinted glass.