Kuninkaankatu 24

Kuninkaankatu 24 is a new residential and commercial building designed by Neva Architects in the heart of Tampere in a dense urban structure at the intersection of a pedestrian street and the historic main street Kauppakatu. Three of the neighboring buildings are protected by an area plan, so the project has been exceptionally demanding in terms of cityscape. A low-rise commercial building was demolished under the project, but preserving two basement floors. The demolished building once housed Stockmann department store.

The new apartment building was placed on top of the basement structures, which guided structural engineering solutions in design and limited e.g. facade opening possibilities considerably. The building is practically part of the same property as the two neighboring buildings and has shared basement and parking spaces in the upper basement. The deck yard is also common and completely car-free.

Commercial space, office hotel and residential building

The massing is based on a combination of three smaller-scale masses, in which the lower part of the building along Kauppakatu is connected to the neighboring protected Ylioppilas-building in terms of both interest and coloring. The higher mass consists of two parts, a natural stone clad and a white plastered part, each with a slightly different openings.

The size of the building is 8000 m2. The first floor of the building is for retail use. The second floor has office spaces, the upper floors are for residential use. There are approximately 80 apartments, and the apartments on the street side have French balconies, while the apartments on the courtyard side all have small balconies.