Vicarage in Teisko

Pappilansaari, located in the church village of Teisko, has served in the vicarage from the 1920s to the 1980s, after which the parsonage buildings have served as dwellings. The site is part of a nationally valuable built heritage and cultural environment. Neva Architects has been part of
making plans for the area to open it for more public use.

Shore plan area and a complex for cottages

A shore plan has been drawn up for the site, in addition to which a plan has been drawn up for the main building of the parsonage to change the purpose of it to accommodation services and celebration fasilities. In the draft for the shore plan is proposed a set of 16 new cottages that would create a communal feeling.

The valuble buildings are to be protected by the new plan. The beaches of the island are to be opened as a public recreation area, and a new shared beach sauna would serve in the area. A cultural environment study has also been prepared for the site as part of the plan work.